Investigation Diary: WS3 (English Version)

A video was recovered somewhere in Italy. Strangely it was exactly dated from a year ago. When it was seen, the footage was very dark, disturbing and frightening. In the video you could see a dark room and a guy who is carrying a camera desperately searching for the exit.

He seems nervous and he breathes anxiously, suddently a mysterious figure appears and the footage finishes roughly. Later it was known that the anonymous young man is now missing and nobody can explain what has happened.
We were frightenly affascinated by this enigma and started an investigation, in search for the missing young man and the anonymous figure.

Hunting for the figure. We were looking for him for a month, nobody seems to have information about him. Nobody can recognize this figure. During our research we discovered that other 6 italians, 6 french and 6 english people have gone missing on the 09.09.09 date. This was so disturbing that we decided to deepen our investigation.

The name of the first victim Luca. The Milan Police Department has found a body that has been drowned and thought it was him, mistakenly.

More news. A young man disappeared from a nightclub in Sidney after an electroparty. His cellphone was found in the backstage of the dancefloor by the investigators which noticed a clue on the display: WS3.We travelled to the site to do our own research. From the start the scenario was familiar, we recognized the walls of a hallway in the Sidney’s nightclub, to be the site from where the mysterious footage recovered in Italy, was filmed.

We then followed along the hallway ‘til the spot where a figure appeared in the short clip but end up in front of a wall. When Phil, a member of our team, leaned on it, he began to dance energetically then dropping to the floor unconsciously, looking like he was in a sort of trance.

We were profoundly disturbed and while trying to help him, we’ve noticed something strange, black veins seemed to have appeared out of Phil’s ears. On the wall a grimly message written in blood:

“When there’s no more room in hell, the dead will dance on the earth”




After what happened to Phil, my investigation team had left me. I’m now doing the research on my own, people are so fucking scared about this situation, that no one will help me after.

I haved recieved a note at my office. It had “WS3” on one side and a code or a phone number, i suppose, 666.W45431.
I was nervous and stared at it for awhile before reading it, I asked myself why was I doing this and if I was crazy… then I turned the note and reed what was written on the other side: “The Evil is coming… Are you ready to WASA3I?”

I could not sleep for three days. I searched for info about “WASA3I” on the net and it was attached to tags like Music, Dancing, Night life and Electro… it was all connected… but why?


Finally the puzzle of info seemed all to fit together, an album was released, called “KillerKing” by WASA3I. I Immediately listen to it to unravel some of the mystery.
Now, though, I feeling disturbed by the fact that I cant stop listening to it.
It’s creeping me out!
I start dancing to it until I’m exhausted, It’s like I’m addicted to it, I can’t stop…
What is happening to me?

I started following WASA3I all over the world. It´s amazing. He can travel so fast from a country to another… One day unexpectedly a note appeared on my desk… it said: “All great things must first wear terrifying and monstrous masks in order to inscribe themselves on the hearts of humanity. Do you want to know what WASA3I is?”
Yes. I thought.
And the notes burned into flames and disappeared.

This morning I woke up in a strange unkown place. It´s the darkest place I have seen in my life. there are speakers all over the walls in different sizes. Under a light a huge throne had appeared. In the distance I can hear horrifying screems and a dark electro-music. And then he appeared… with an horrible mask! He is ugly, he is Electro… he looks undead. He freaks me out!
But this is what I was searching for all this time!
I must speak with him, I must know, I need to ask him…



The man threw away his diary, probably it was the last thing he should care about in that place.  He´s knees wasn´t responding at all, he was petrified.

At the bottom of the room he could listen the breathing of that… demon, creature, of whatever he was.

The man stopped in front of him.  Wasa3i was wearing his mask; probably it´s face, if he ever had one, and he was looking at him.

Becoming more and more scared by minutes, playing with his fingers and with the sensation that he was the most insignificant thing in the world, he finally asked:

– Who are you? – A few seconds passed. Wasa3i wasn’t moving nor speaking. He was only breathing, but… The man looked at it… Was he really breathing?…

– Does it matter? – It was a very deep voice. And the only sound of it made him cried a little.

– But… but… – the man took two steps away from him –  What´s your name?


At first he began to run away, but some seconds later he stopped. He was answering. Wasa3i was answering him. The man took the diary and then, he began writing, in an interview way:

Q: How old are you?

A: I’m old as Death.

Q: And what exactly you are supposed to be?

A: You guess, motherfucker….

Q: Why WASA3I? It´s a hot spice that is famous for his vapours that make the nose burning. What´s the relation with it?

A: To give you not just a burning nose….

Q: Do you try to scare people?

A: Do I make you uneasy?

Q: Why do you wear a mask?

A: I HAVE NO FACE!!!! I’m showing you this one!

Q: Why have you come to Earth?

A: To conquer dancing asses.

Q: Why can´t you do your work in hell?

A: I need fresh blood.

Q: Why would you use music?

A: I can reach all ears, people can’t stop hearing, so your all are doomed to listen.

Q: How does it work?

A: How about I tell you and then torture you ‘till you shut up?

Q: Why did you chose Electro?

A: Because other music sucks and electro is much more immediate and direct.

Q: Don´t you scare people?

A: You tell me.

Q: Why would they go to see you?

A: Because they are addicted to adrenaline.

Q: Do you consider yourself a musician?

A: Music it’s my survival kit. I’m like an animal who uses his skills to capture more potential prey as possible.

Q: Does music need to have influences or not?

A: Dont you think the music industry all ready prooved its influence?

Q: So, your are saying music is addictive, drains people energy and transform them into some kind of electrozombies. Can we have some kind of hope in this situation?

A: No hope only Doom.

Q: What are your plans about Earth?

A: A Dancefloor Mass Destruction.

Q: And Hell?

A: My personal collection.

Q: Why do you want to build “The Legion”?

A: I want an army.

Q: How can you use it?

A: More people, more dancing, more energy

Q: Are you going to release any new “evil album”?

A: For sure, but just when you are not expecting it.

Q: Are you going to move worldwide?

A: It’s the way to world domination.

Q: Only in clubs or maybe in some festival too?

A: You’ll never now where you can find me, watch your backs!

He finished writing this last question. The pen spat the words as it desired to end his job. The man watched the interview… It was finally ended… Now he knew, almost all…

–  Are… are you going to kill me?

Wasa3i roared with laughter. It was creepy, insane, it seemed to be mad in some way…  The man took two new steps away from him, but he could not run anywhere.

– Shall we see now?

Wasa3i raised his hand, and the sound speakers began screaming. The sound was so loud that the eardrums of the man exploded and his ears started bleeding. Above all the noise, he could heard Wasa3i´s laughs.

The man cried, implored and shouted him, but it was useless… The music volume was raising more and more; and the monster seemed more comfortable each second.

Finally it ended. The man was lying on the floor, the blood was everywhere around his corpse, but wasa3i was not finished with him. Another movement of his hand, and a new electro- zombie stood up.
The diary remained hidden… until now.

This is WASA3I


One Response to Investigation Diary: WS3 (English Version)

  1. Rave Reaver says:

    Lots of Thanks to “The Monster-WASA3I” and to Muvimo… for help me and support me from the beggining.
    Muchisimas gracias al “Monstruo-WASA3I” y a Muvimo… por ayudarme y apoyarme desde el principio.


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